Star's Lighthouse For The Homeless

Making A Difference 1 Meal At A Time

You can change someone's life

Dear Friend,

Right now there’s a family wondering where they’ll sleeping tonight, what they’ll wear tomorrow, how their getting their children to school, and how they’ll recover from losing their job and home. They need a helping hand getting back on their feet.

Star’s Lighthouse for the Homeless is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that walks the streets and underpass of the most populated bridges Feeding, Clothing and providing services that transitions homeless individuals into Job Training, Job Placement and Housing.

Thousands of families find themselves in need every single day. Many of them turn to Star’s Lighthouse for The Homeless for help-and thanks to supporters like you, they’ll get the relief they so desperately need.

Today, you can change someone’s life by Making a gift now and making a difference for a family in need. You’ll supply meals, clean clothes and shelter for families that are homeless in Dallas Texas and you’ll provide training classes to help with transitioning the homeless back into society as tax paying citizens. You’ll be a critical part of a community that is changing lives and rebuilding the community.

Join us and Walmart with your gift today. For your gift is not just a tax-deductible donation-it’s a lifeline.

Estrella Lopez