Star's Lighthouse For The Homeless

Making A Difference 1 Meal At A Time

Donating Goods

What Does Star's Lighthouse for the Homeless Need?

Star's Lighthouse for the Homeless is a nonprofit charity that's goal focuses on improving the health and lives of those in need.  We reach out to the community for Monetary and Product Donations, along with needing sponsorship and volunteers allowing us to continue to service the homeless with the basic necessities of food, clothing and personal Care Items. Our Seasonal needs are listed below:

Non-Perishable Foods

  • Canned Meats                              Tea Bags                            All Prepackaged Foods
  •  Canned Tuna & Salmon                Coffee                               Cases of Water
  • Canned Vegetables                       Hot & Cold Cereals            Gift Cards
  •  Canned Fruit                               Juice Boxes
  •  Canned Stews & Chili                   Canned Juices
  •  Canned Pasta                              Granulated Sugar
  •  Canned Pasta                              Baby Food
  •  Jelly                                           Cereal Bar

Personal Care Items

Our MOST needed items are:

  • Tooth Paste                                  Tooth Brushes                      Tampons                   Underwear
  •  Deodorant                                    Razors                                 Pads                       Gift Cards
  • Hair Brushes & Combos                  Mouthwash                          Cleaning Supplies
  •  Shampoo & Conditioner                Facial & Toilet Tissue           Diapers
  •  Soap                                            Towels                                Women Work Apparel
  •  Laundry Detergent                        Laundry Bags & Baskets       Men Work Apparel
  •  New Socks & Underwear               Cases of Water                    School Supplies
  •  Tents & Sleeping bags                    Toilet Tissue                     New Toys (holiday season)