Back 2 School Round-up Back 2 School Round-up All The Works Each child received a Bag or Two full of school supplies for all seven classes based off of their grade level. Thanks to all over Star's Lighthouse Donors and Supporters. 202431557 Her Smile is Priceless All children express the same smile of happiness when they have the same necessities as other children on the first day of school. 202431449 Thankful Parents and Children Each parent and student that came in expressed their appreciation for each item that was given. Many stated that they were dreading the first day because they didn't have the necessities. 202431310 Coming In By The Handfuls The greatest reward is knowing that you and all of your supporters have made a difference in helping others in need. 202431312 The Biggest Reward of the Day Helping those that need it. 202431313 A Strong Team Of Volunteers Star's Lighthouse for The Homeless is very grateful for every volunteer that steps up can helps out. 202431315 Walmart store# 03341 Our Biggest thanks to Walmart Neighborhood Mart store # 03341 off North Central Expy. for the donations of Back To School Supplies. 202431555