Joining Forces Thanksgiving Morning Joining Forces Thanksgiving Morning Team Work Each of our volunteers pulled together to collect over 50 Turkeys and all the sides, along with Tables and chairs. To pull off our restaurant style Thanksgiving dinner In Tent City under Highway 45. 202352185 Pampering for a Day All of our volunteers were dressed in all black with white gloves to give a restaurant style feeling. While making plats our volunteers came up to each individual with a clothing check list. Then another volunteer came back with a bag of clothes consisting of 1 Pair of Socks, Scully, Sweater, Pants, and a Blanket. 202352187 Pampering 869 Individuals Thanking every Volunteer, Sponsor, And Individual that help make the event possible. We stop counting at 869 individuals. 202352188 Making Plates & Clothing orders. 7 am Thanksgiving morning over 100 volunteers joined forces and pulled off a blessed event. To pamper some Well Deserving Individual's.. 202352312 Our Volunteers & Tables are ready Our volunteers are ready to hand out clothes at all 8 of our table with 2 trucks still full of items. Over the last 6 months Star's Lighthouse was able to collect over 3000 pairs of socks, 2200 pairs of paints, 5000 tops, and 600 pairs of shoes. 202352314 All Lives Matter! After dinner was served and Their clothing bags were given out the Band played some music. * Join our fight against Homelessness and Hunger by supporting Star's Lighthouse For The Homeless. 202352313